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Awarded "IR52 Jang Young-sil Award" Cluster Ion Generator

Korea's largest automotive air conditioning company, Halla Air Conditioning Co., Ltd. (CEO: Shin Young-joo) won the "44th IR52 Jang Young-sil Award" awarded by the Minister of Science and Technology on November 3 as a "vehicle air purifier utilizing cluster ions" .


The IR52 Jang Yeongsil Award is awarded to products that recognize the originality and technical significance of science and technology. The award is even more meaningful because it is the fourth prize in honor of the compressor (VS) Compressor in 2006.


The air purification device for vehicles, which was selected as a prize winner on the day, is the world's first new technology that was developed jointly with Hyundai Motors and SunDo Electric to block the source of odors that may occur on the evaporator surface using cluster ions.

This feature minimizes unpleasant odors generated during operation of the air conditioner, suppresses the generation of ozone, sterilizes and sterilizes air in the vehicle, and provides a comfortable and healthy air to the occupant.


In addition, the cost of the existing air purifier is significantly lowered and the effect is maximized, which makes it possible to apply a wide range of vehicles, as well as medium and large vehicles.

In November 2007, it was applied to Hyundai Motor's Genesis and NF Sonata, and it is expected that the application model will spread rapidly in 2011 based on the popularity of consumers.


Ji Yong-joon, a researcher who was selected as the winner of the day, said, "As a result of long-term efforts using numerous ideas meetings and scientific techniques to derive innovative concepts from the beginning of development, "I was able to develop the system," he said.


On the other hand, HCC received the PACE Award (sponsored by the US Automotive News), the best technology in the global auto parts industry in 2007, and won the "Sejong Dae King Award" It records.

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